• Vijayawada, Guntur, Ongole

Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology

To know the basic cause for any ailment, imaging and radiology plays a vital role. To ensure the best possible results in the shortest possible time leading to early initiation of corrective and therapeutic step latest and upgraded radiology equipment is made available and operated 24/7 by dedicated and skilled personnel.

As a health care organization with international standards, supported by globally acclaimed recognitions and accreditations, we use only value-based care. Thanks to our Department of Radiology, amazingly accurate diagnosis is possible anytime of the day. Our fully-equipped Radiology consists of top of the line MRI machines, multi slice intelligent CT Scanners, advanced Cardiac Catheterization Labs not only promise excellent quality images but also promise the lowest radiation risk and minimal physical discomfiture to the patient.

Interventional radiology means performing minimally invasive corrective procedures like treating narrowed arteries. As it is performed with minimal invasion, the time to recover is drastically reduced. It is mostly done in just couple of hours and can be discharged on the same day. Our expert team of doctors have hands on experience in endovenous laser therapy, venaseal, radio frequency ablation of varicose vein, deep vein thrombosis, stent, and removal of blocks.