• Vijayawada, Guntur, Ongole

Emergency Medicine

A stitch in time, saves nine – A quick and positive response in time, saves life. Emergency is a specialty that deals with emergency cases such as heart attacks, strokes, poisoning and major trauma such as traffic accidents. Most of the cases are life-threatening, requiring immediate attention. Clinical skills, expertise and hi-tech equipment form the triad and may make the difference between life and death. In an unexpected medical emergency, one expects positive and immediate life saving action. That’s when our ER rises to the occasion, ensuring a patient is stabilised in an emergent condition. Our team of nurses and physicians are well trained in disaster management. Our state-of-the-art ambulances with ventilator support are on standby round the clock for mass casualties in external disasters.

Hands on expertise in handling medical and surgical emergencies, resuscitation and stabilization, life support and many more is the forte of our Emergency Department.