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Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Don’t be afraid to embrace change, for the better… Ramesh Hospitals offers broad range of plastic surgery services. Plastic Surgery is the restoration or correction of a part of the body to improve the appearance as well as its functioning. Reconstructive procedures correct deformities caused by various diseases, burns or accident and trauma. This allows the damaged part to appear and function normally. Cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery, which deals with primarily the aesthetics of the body and is involved with the correction of normal regions of the body to further enhance its appearance.

Highly skilled and versatile, our plastic surgeons change lives every day through the application of their remarkable skills With a combination of the latest technology and fine surgical skills, our plastic surgery department demonstrates amazing transformations.

Whether your area of concern is the result of a birth defect, or an accident, scarring from a disease or simply the aging process, surgical repair of congenital deformities like cleft lip and palate, post-surgical reconstruction, crucial in Accident and Trauma, post-traumatic defects, craniofacial surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, facial reconstructive surgery, paediatric plastic surgery, hand surgery, or even laser surgery, they can address it and do wonders to restore your self-confidence.